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Social Responsibility

Social actions have gained importance at Banco Daycoval. In 2019, R$ 20 million was allocated to various projects, both direct investments as well through tax incentives.

Of this total, approximately R$ 16 million was invested in some 50 projects and in social entities through Tax Incentive programs (Rouanet, Audiovisual, Sports, Pronon, Pronas, Funcad, Condeca and Senior Citizen Laws). It contributed over R$ 4 million in direct donations.

These amounts are intended for initiatives that prioritize the dissemination of Culture through support for museums, such as MASP; orchestras, such as OSESP; cultural events and actions aimed at empowering society and teaching music and storytelling to children from all over Brazil, such as Brasil Musicantes, which provides children's music in 30 Brazilian cities; support to Health, with investments in cancer research and treatment and care for people of all age groups in the main hospitals and health centers in the country, such as Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Hospital de Câncer Barretos, Hospital Pequeno Príncipe, Hospital Angelina Caron, GRAACC, Fundação Dorina, among others; Sports, with initiatives that go beyond the practice of sports, generating education through physical activities; in addition to some initiatives that foster good quality of life and protection of the environment.

All projects supported by Banco Daycoval are subject to a thorough evaluation by an Executive Committee, which seeks to list these initiatives from a sustainability point of view, aiming for the best for each person served.


Daycoval constantly strives to improve its overall operations from the sustainability perspective, both internally and externally. For some years, it has been implementing the classification of credit to companies taking this criterion into account and emphasizing good socio-environmental practices. In addition, Daycoval continuously develops a series of in-house projects to optimize the consumption of inputs, such as water, electricity and the use of paper. For more information about these actions, visit www.daycoval.com.br/institucional/sustentabilidade where you can find our Annual Sustainability Report.