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Daycoval's Corporate Sustainability concept is based on the so-called “triple bottom line” (or tripod of economic-financial result x social result and x environmental result).

Daycoval's financial strength, combined with good governance practices, are part of the Bank's strategy for sustainable growth and business longevity. Through ongoing initiatives, and in line with our mission to offer financial solutions with excellence, today we have the challenge of educating and raising the awareness of our various stakeholders to improve criteria related to sustainability and implement new practices that include these requirements.

Banco Daycoval is a member of Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Banks), the main representative body of the Brazilian banking sector. In January 2014, Banco Daycoval joined Febraban's Social Responsibility and Sustainability Committee (CRSS), whose objectives are: 1. Encourage the insertion of sustainable development issues within the Federation, including other commissions; 2. Contribute for Febraban to transmit to society the role and performance of the financial system for the country's economic and socio-environmental development; 3. Represent Febraban before forums and entities that discuss sustainable development issues, particularly in the social and environmental spheres; 4. Promote the exchange of experiences related to sustainable development among members and develop possible joint actions; 5. Develop and implement Febraban's social investment policies and practices. Learn more about Febraban: www.febraban.org.br.

Febraban's Social Responsibility and Sustainability Committee (CRSS)