Risk Classification (Ratings)

Agency/Report Ranking Type Last Report
Fitch Ratings BB- Stable Outlook | Foreign Currency (Long Term IDR) April, 2020
AA(bra) National Long-Term Rating April, 2020
Moody's Ba2 Global scale for long-term local currency deposits (Stable outlook) February, 2020
Aa2.br Brazilian national scale February, 2020
RISKbank - BRMP 3 – Low Risk to Long-Term (up to 5 years) – Negative September, 2020
Standard & Poor´s BB- Stable Outlook (Global Scale) January, 2020
brAA+ Stable Outlook (National Scale) January, 2020

We emphasize that the Bank's classification in all the ratings presented above demonstrates the low level of risk and the solidity achieved by Daycoval in its operations. While the information assigned by the respective ratings is widely considered by the financial market, nevertheless, they should not be understood to be an investment recommendation for all intents and purposes.