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Risk Management

Banco Daycoval  operates in accordance with corporate risk control policies and pursuant to the regulations in force disclosed by Bacen and good risk management practices aimed at capital protection and assurance of business profitability.

The Risk Management and Reference Equity (PR) reports and the documents pertaining to the instruments that make up the bank’s Reference Equity (“PR”) are published on Banco Daycoval’s IR website, as determined by the Central Bank of Brazil’s Circular No. 3.930.

These documents do not constitute an offer or an invitation from Banco Daycoval to subscribe to or purchase any securities that the Bank may issue. The content of these documents shall not be deemed to be a recommendation of the Bank for the subscription or purchase of any securities. No person has been authorized by the Bank to provide any information or make any statement other than those contained in these documents. If any other information has been provided or statements have been made, they shall not be deemed to have been authorized by the Bank.

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